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100-peso banknote (F Type)

Background information

  • Advertising campaign (PDF) (available only in Spanish)


100-peso banknote

Type F
Size 134 x 66 mm
Material Cotton paper

The main motif is an effigy of Nezahualcóyotl, accompanied by an allegory to the verses “I love the song of zentzontle/bird of four hundred voices” which appear on the banknote. The allegory comprises the drawings of a zentzontle, four symbols of the word, a piece of jade, a flower and two seated men.

100F anv


The main element is a Nezahualcóyotl-styled glyph vignette next to the drawing of an aqueduct from the High Temple of the México-Tenochtitlán main plaza.

100F rev

The predominant colors on the banknote are red and yellow.
In circulation as of August 9, 2010.
Credits and acknowledgements

Mexico image - Tenochtitlán inspired by the work of Ignacio Marquina-Barredo, architect and archaeologist.

Thanks to José Alejandro Villalobos-Pérez.
Guillermo Saldaña / Gerardo Salinas-INAH.

Reproduction authorized by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH, for its acronym in Spanish).


Security features

1. Intaglio and embossing perceptible by touch 5. Watermark  9. Cotton paper
2. Color-shifting element 6. Perfect register  10. Fluorescence
3. 3D-thread 7. Microprinting  
4. Security thread 8. Linear background