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20-peso banknote (F Type)

Background information

  • Advertising campaign (PDF) (available only in Spanish)


Design features

Type F
Size 120 x 66 mm
Material Polymer

The key motif is the image of Don Benito Juárez García (1806 – 1872), who became president of Mexico in 1858 and issued the reform laws with the support of the radical liberals the following year. Because of his defense of human freedoms, which served as an example to other Latin American countries, he was proclaimed “Benemérito de las Américas.” In a famous speech, he said: “The people and the government should respect the rights of all. Among individuals, as among nations, respect for others' rights is peace.”

The image of Don Benito Juárez is accompanied by a drawing composed of a balancing scale in the foreground, which symbolizes equilibrium and justice, and a book, which represents the reform laws enacted in 1859.

20F anv


The key visual element is a panoramic view of the archeological zone of Monte Albán (built by the Zapotec culture), located in the state of Oaxaca and declared by UNESCO as part of the cultural patrimony of humanity. To the left of this scene is a detail from an earring found in tomb number 7 of the archeological site, and to the lower right is a fragment of a large mask of the God of Rain and Thunder (Cocijo, the main Zopotec god).

20F rev

The predominant color on the banknote is blue.
In circulation as of August 20, 2007.


Security features

1. Intaglio and embossing perceptible by touch 5. Clear window  9. Polymer
2. Color-shifting element 6. Perfect register  10. Fluorescence
3. Microprinting thread 7. Microprinting  
4. Watermark 8. Linear background