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Color-shifting element

It is a feature that changes color when the banknote is tilted forward and backward.

20 pesos, F

In this banknote, the left of the dove's body and the geometric pattern that is located next to the clear window change color. As for the geometric pattern, the color-shifting effect can be seen both on the front and back of the banknote.

50 pesos, F1

In this banknote, the butterfly located in the upper left corner changes color. It has two colors divided by a bar that shifts when the banknote is tilted. The butterfly is printed on a small clear window, also in the shape of a butterfly, which facilitates noticing the same two-color effect on the reverse side of the banknote.

mariposa bicolor
Two-color butterfly
50F1 ubicación mariposa bicolor

50 pesos, F

In this banknote, the butterfly's left wing and the caterpillar next to the clear window change color.

100 pesos, F

The color-shifting effect is found on the right-hand side of the corncob, located in the upper left-hand corner of the banknote. This feature is in intaglio, which is perceptible by touch.

Commemorative of the 1917 Constitution, F

In the obverse side of this banknote there is a two-color book on the upper left corner. Two colors are noticed, divided by a