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Clear window

It is a clear (transparent) section of polymer banknotes on which some elements, like an embossed number, can be added.

The 20- and 50-peso banknotes have a clear window in which the denomination can be seen on top of the lines. The current 50-peso banknote (type F1) has the same feature in its lower clear window. In the 100-peso banknote, commemorative of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution there are corncob grains on the clear window. There features are embossed on the window and therefore are perceptible by touch.

The clear windows are manufactured directly onto the polymer substrate.

20F ubicación ventana20F ventana 50F ubicación ventana50F ventana
20 pesos, F 50 pesos, F
50F1 ubicación ventanas transp50F1 ventanas50F1 ventana inf
50 pesos, F1
100FconmRevol ventana100FconmRevol ubicación ventana
100 pesos, commemorative of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, F