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Taking care of banknotes and coins


General information

During their life cycles, banknotes are subject to varying conditions. They change hands innumerable times, and they are more likely than not exposed to several climatic factors, all of which causes deterioration. To prolong their lives—that is, maintain ideal characteristics for keeping them in circulation—the following precautions should be taken:

These recommendations apply to all types of banknotes.

  • Do not staple them under any curcumstances.
  • Do not mark, rub or scratch them in order to verify their authenticity.
  • Do not write on them or stamp them with seals.
  • Do not tear or wrinkle them.
  • Keep them away from moisture and fire.
  • Store them without folding. If it is necessary to fold them, use as few folds as possible and avoid bearing down on each fold.
  • In the event you encounter a piece of a banknote, do not attempt to make a compelte banknote out of it.
  • Take dirty, patched, marked or incomplete banknotes to any of the bank branches that provide the banknotes and coins exchange service where they will be evaluated and exchanged for fit notes, in case they keep their value.

These recommendations apply to all types of banknotes.

As far as coins are concerned, they are very resistant. Nevertheless, some recommendations do exist for caring for them and preserving their value:

  • You should not clean or polish coins with abrasive or solvents, and under no circumstance should you file them.
  • Contact with chemical substances such as acids should be avoided.
  • Do not alter their appearance -for example, with the application of coatings or paints.