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Banco de Mexico as distributor

Numismatic and Coin Marketing Subdivision

Calzada Legaria No. 691, Col. Irrigación, C. P. 11500, Ciudad de México.
Telephone: +52 (55) 5237 2000. Ext 6449
Fax:+52 (55) 5227 8817
E-mail: numismatica@banxico.org.mx

Customer service timetable

From 9am to 1:30pm on bank working days.


The prices change daily based on the international price quotes of precious metals as well as the exchange rate.

How to make a purchase

To make a purchase of coins, medals, banknotes, coins sets, banknotes sets, specimens, sheets and sheet fragments of uncut banknotes, symbols and monograms made with confetti from destroyed banknotes or albums, take the following steps:

1. Contact us to give the details of your request in order to receive a price quote, through:

Orders will only be taken between 9am and 1pm on bank working days.

2. Once your order has been confirmed, the price is set and delivery is scheduled.

3. Orders must be made prior to delivery. Payments are deposited in a Banco de México's account or made when collecting the pieces, depending on the arrangement when the order was placed.

4. Deliveries:

    • For residents in Mexico City, Banco de México delivers the orders in its own facilities which are located on Calzada Legaria No. 691, Colonia Irrigación (next to the former Mexican Mint ("Casa de Moneda"). Products that have not been paid are not delivered.
    • People living elsewhere in Mexico or abroad when the order is placed will be informed of the means of payment and how to send it. Customers must cover delivery costs as well as any other related risk, including damage or loss.

Condition of numismtic products

Most silver coins are coins in circulation; their condition varies from F to XF, with the exception of Olympic coins, Southeast Railroad coins, Venustiano Carranza coins and 1945 Phrygian Cap coins worth $1.00 (one Mexican peso), which can be bought out of circulation. The sets of coins and banknotes from current mints are comprised of coins that do not circulate.