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New Libertad series

Distribuidores (PDF)


Libertad 1 kg

Sculpture as a coin

The New Libertad Series has obtained world renown for its design, and is the main reason for the minting of the 1 kg Libertad coin, which will undoubtedly form a key part of numismatic collections both at home and abroad.

Proof-like quality



Coin case

Banco de México wanted to give the 1 kg Libertad coin an elegant and solemn appearance which reflected its value. For this purpose, it was chosen a natural mahogany box with a fine finish the lid of which shows a logo of the coin drawn with a laser. Inside the box the coin is well protected due to a tray which slides back when the box is opened and also shows the coin off better. Below the tray is a space for keeping the minting certificate.

Mahogany box with certificate of authenticity


Open case

Libertad 1 kg, 15th Anniversary (2002-2017)

Proof quality







Certificate of authenticity

Each certificate’s flyleaves contain printed information that is only perceptible using black light.  Furthermore, the serial number indicates the number of the acquired coin.

It is a document summarizing the issuance and minting stages of a coin which describe the program’s history and background, the meaning of and elements that make up the 1kg Libertad coin’s design and the minting and engraving processes involved in coin production. The information is appropriately illustrated with photographs.

New Libertad Series

Liberty Serial gold and silver coins, the reverse side of these coins was re-designed to make it more attractive. Likewise, with the purpose of having more options of silver investment, two new sizes of coins were added to this serial: five and two ounce coins. These two new pieces also present a different design on the obverse side, since the National Shield is surrounded by different eagle designs used as National emblems through the years, as well as the eagle in the Codex Mendocino.

5-, 2-, and 1-ounce coins

Proof quality



Proof-like quality





1/2-, 1/4-, 1/10-, and 1/20-ounce coins





Technical information

SilverQualityDiameter (mm)Fineness
Libertad 1Kg. Proof-like, Brilliant uncirculated, and Proof 110.0 .999
5 Oz. Libertad Proof-like, Brilliant uncirculated, and Proof 65.0 .999
2 Oz. Libertad Proof-like, Brilliant uncirculated, and Proof 48.0 .999
1 Oz. Libertad Proof-like, Brilliant uncirculated, and Proof 40.0 .999
1/2 Oz. Libertad Brilliant uncirculated and Proof 33.0 .999
1/4 Oz. Libertad Brilliant uncirculated and Proof 27.0 .999
1/10 Oz. Libertad Brilliant uncirculated and Proof 20.0 .999
1/20 Oz. Libertad Brilliant uncirculated and Proof 16.0 .999