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Notice about fine metal altered coins

The coins mentioned in Art.2 Bis of the Monetary Law of the United Mexican States, including the Libertad Series coins, are legal tender and counterfeiting them is a federal crime.

All information on the crimes related to coin counterfeiting and coin alteration and its penalties, is included in Mexico’s Federal Criminal Law, Caption Thirtienth, Chapter 1: “Coin counterfeiting, altering and destruction”.

  • Articles 234 and 236 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Law establish that the crime of coin counterfeiting is committed by anyone that fabricates, stores, distributes or brings into the country any document or piece containing images or other elements used in the manufacturing of the coins that are currently in circulation, and which are therefore ideal for misleading the general public, as they can be mistaken for legal tender coins. This crime is punished with 5-12 years of imprisonment and up to 500 days of fine. The same penalty applies to anybody that alters a coin and puts it into circulation, knowing beforehand that it is false or that it has been altered.


Coin counterfeiting and altering are considered a serious crime according to Mexico’s Federal Law on Criminal Procedures.

Metal coins that have been perforated or cutout, and those that show traces of nonmonetary use, will no longer be legal tender and will not be admitted in government offices as set in Art. 10 of the Monetary Law of the United Mexican States. For the same reason, they will also not be admitted or exchanged by banks. The only coins that are to be considered legal tender are those that maintain the features mentioned in the corresponding decree. 

Pieza alterada en metal fino Pza alterada 1 onza