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Market makers' buy option of securities (Green Shoe)

Market Makers have the right to exercise an option to buy from Banco de México, which acts as the financial agent of the Federal Government, Bonos, Cetes, or Udibonos at an interest rate equal to that of the previous primary auction of the corresponding security. Those Market Makers interested in the execution of their buy option, must do it between 8:45am and 9:00am of the next business day to the corresponding primary auction. The maximum amount that all Market Makers are allowed to buy through this facility is 25% of the amount issued in the last corresponding primary auction. The regulatory framework that determines the rules that credit institutions and brokerage houses acting as market makers must follow are set in the Oficio 305.- 065/2008 and the Oficio 305.- 106/2008 issued by the Mexican Ministry of Finance (SHCP) on April 30 2008 and on July 30 2008 respectively, both available only in Spanish (see numerals 4.1 and 5.7).