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Banco de México: the evolving landscape of payment systems, 2014 (PDF)

Main purpose

The seminar aims at creating a forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share their insights and experiences of payment systems matters, with a particular emphasis on the policy implications and technological aspects of the evolving landscape of the payment service industry.


Tuesday, October 14th
08:30–09:00 Opening of the seminar
09:00–09:15 Jaime González Aguadé
President, Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores
09:15–09:30 Agustín Carstens Carstens
Governor, Banco de México
09:30–10:30 Session 1. Payment services: Anytime, anywhere, any size (Video)
Chair: Bernardo González Rosas
Settling electronic retail transactions in real time: The Mexican experience
Lorenza Martínez Trigueros
Director General of Payment Systems and Corporate Services, Banco de México
INDIA: Electronic payments a historic perspective and current state
Vijay Chugh
Principal Chief General Manager Department of Payment and Settlement Systems, Reserve Bank of India
10:45–12:15 Session 2. The industry's experience on payment technology (Video)
Chair: Alberto Mendoza Hernández
The VISA experience on payment technology
Jim McCarthy
Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Partnership, Visa International
The MasterCard experience on payment technology
Edgar Aguilar
Chief Technology Officer, MasterCard
iZettle® experience on payment technology
Magnus Nilson
Founder & Chief Operating Officer, iZettle®
12:30–14:00 Session 3. Electronic and mobile payments: New technologies and future vision (Video)
Chair: Víctor de la Luz Puebla
J. Marc Brûlé
Chief Emerging Payments Officer, Royal Canadian Mint
The experience of MasterCard
John Sheldon
Group Head of Innovation Management, MasterCard
Electronic money and payments: Recent developments and issues
Ben Fung
Research Adviser and Assistant Director, Bank of Canada
15:30–17:00 Session 4. Considerations on regulating payments innovation (Video)
Chair: Luis Manuel de los Santos
Regulating the new cashless world
Kevin Tu
University of New Mexico
Privacy and security considerations for mobile payments and digital currency
Harley Geiger
Senior Counsel and Deputy Director of CDT's Project on Freedom, Security and Technology, Center for Democracy & Technology
Current regulatory issues affecting payment innovation
Joel Feinberg
Partner, Sidley Austin LLP


Wednesday, October 15th

09:30–11:00 Session 1. Liquidity (re)distribution: Macroprudential policies and micro analysis (Video)
Chair: Javier Perez Estrada
Reserve requirements in the brave new macroprudential world
Tito Cordella
Adviser, Office of the Chief Economist, The World Bank
How to measure the unsecured money market? The Eurosystem's implementation and validation using TARGET2 data
Luca Arciero
Senior Economist, Market and Payment System Oversight Department, Banca d’Italia
The mechanism of intraday liquidity provision in Mexico
Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova
Payment System Analyst, Banco de México
11:30–13:00 Session 2. Competition in retail payments: Policy implications (Video)
Chair: Rafael del Villar Alrich
Public authority involvement in payment card markets: Various countries
Fumiko Hayashi
Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Pricing, competition and innovation in retail payment systems: A brief overview
Wilko Bolt
Economics and Research Division, De Nederlandsche Bank
Network industry implications for competition-cooperation nexus in retail payments
Kari Kemppainen
Senior Economist, Bank of Finland
14:30–15:30 Session 3. Policy perspective from network and simulation models of the financial market infrastructures (Video)
Chair: Biliana Alexandrova Kabadjova
  Network indicators for monitoring intraday liquidity in BOK-Wire✛
Kimmo Soramäki
Chief Executive Officer, Financial Network Analytics
  Utilizing the Bank of Finland’s simulator in quantitative Financial Market Infrastructure analysis
Tatu Laine
Project Manager, Oversight of Market Infrastructure Division, Bank of Finland
15:30–16:00 Closing remarks