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Interactive System for Securities Deposit (SIDV)
Type SIDV settles operations in the securities market using a settlement algorithm, making it a hybrid system. Operations are settled in real time with the benefit of netting algorithms. SIDV is a system using a delivery-versus-payment mechanism under model III according to the classification established by the Bank for International Settlements*.
Owner and operator S.D. INDEVAL, Institución para el Depósito de Valores, S.A. de C.V.

SIDV is a book entry system for daily securities transfer operations in securities and money markets, under a delivery-versus-payment mechanism. Participants may transfer positive balances to the system from their accounts at SIAC. At the end of the day, balances in the SIDV accounts are transferred to the corresponding SIAC accounts.

Credit No credit is granted at SIDV.
Participants National and foreign banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, investment management firms, and others.
Pricing Indeval charges a monthly fee to participants for the services provided. These services include securities deposits, management, custody, netting and settlement, transfer, and computing services.
Daily schedule

8:30 - Opening

15:15 - Closing

16:05 - Settlement of SIDV accounts at SIAC accounts


* classification as stated by the Bank for International Settlements in the document “Delivery Versus Payment in Securities Settlement Systems, September 1992, BIS.”