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Extended-use Electronic Payments System (SPEUA)
The SPEI® system replaced this system on August 19, 2005.
Type Real-time settlement system
Owner and operator Banco de México
Description This system was used to implement payments among banks. A participant could also transfer payment capacity (a positive balance, or credit) from the system to an account belonging to the same party in the SIAC or SIDV systems. At the end of the day, the SPEUA system made transfers from its participant accounts to the corresponding accounts at SIAC. The minimum payment amount at SPEUA was 50,000 pesos.

All participants were granted credit lines from the other system participants. Some of the most important rules on credit were: 1) a participant could incur an account overdraft up to the total amount of all credit lines granted. 2) Banco de México put caps on the amount of credit a participant could grant to every other participant and on the sum of all the credit a participant could grant in the system. These caps depended on bank size.

If a participant could not comply with settlement requirements at the end of the day, the system applied a loss-sharing scheme. The participant funds contribution was called the Additional Obligation for Settlement.

Participants Banks only.