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Securities Deposit, Administration and Settlement System (DALÍ)
Type DALÍ is a securities settlement system that frequently uses a clearing algorithm to settle groups of transactions and links the delivery of securities with the corresponding payment; i.e. implements a “delivery versus payment” (DVP) scheme. The algorithm is executed every two minutes, or less when the system receives transactions in a quantity or for an amount above a previously determined number or amount. Thus, like a real time system DALÍ reduces risks since it does not allow unsettled transactions to accumulate and, like a net settlement system, reduces the amount of liquidity participants need to settle transactions.
Owner and operator S.D. INDEVAL, Institución para el Depósito de Valores, S.A. de C.V.

DALÍ is an electronic book entry account system for stocks and government and private debt instruments. The system settles the cash leg of transactions through cash accounts it keeps for all participants. The money in these accounts is covered at all times with balances in a SPEI® account. DALÍ participants can transfer funds from their DALÍ cash accounts to their SPEI® and SIAC accounts. At the end of the day, DALÍ transfers depositors’ cash account balances to their SPEI® accounts or chosen bank account.

DALÍ communicates with its participants through a protocol based on the ISO15022 standard to support Straight Through Processing.

Credit DALÍ does not offer credit.
Participants Domestic and foreign banks, broker dealers and other financial institutions.
Pricing Indeval charges depositors each month for the services it renders, including custody of securities, settlement of DVP transactions, transfer of securities and IT services.
Daily schedule

7:46 - Opening

16:15 - Closing

16:20 - Transfer of DALÍ cash account balances to SPEI® accounts


* DALÍ replaced Interactive System for Securities Deposit (SIDV) in November 2008.