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Electronic signature

Banco de México uses electronic signature technology to increase the level of confidence of electronic information exchanges within the Mexican financial system and the central bank. This technology enables it to communicate electronically with maximum safety, providing a value-added service of authentication, probity, confidentiality, and non-rejection.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a series of data attached to an electronic message aimed at identifying the issuer of the message as the legitimate author as if it were an autograph.

Electronic signatures make electronic transactions secure in that the author of the message can be identified and whether the message has changed or not.

What are a digital certification and a private key?

The use of the electronic signature is based on international public key infrastructure standards (PKI), which set two keys for sending messages:

  • The private key known only to its owner and used for data encryption.
  • The public key used by all infrastructure users for consultation and to decrypt data.

A digital certificate is an electronic document through which a reliable third party guarantees the link between a person or entity's identity and its public key.

Extended Security Infrastructure (Infraestructura Extendida de Seguridad, IES)

The public key infrastructure (PKI) of the Mexican Payments System is known as Extended Security Infrastructure (IES, for its acronym in Spanish). IES is a system designed and managed by Banco de México.

IES certificates

The IES certificates table shows those pertaining to the originating agency, the Certification and Registration agencies, and the Applicative Registration Agencies (Agencias Registradoras Aplicativas, ARAs), as well as the details of the series and the institution the certificate belongs to.

What is WebSec®?

WebSec® is a computer system designed and developed by Banco de México to provide the following operations concerning electronic documents:

Note: "Banco de México is keen to ensure the dissemination and correct use of the advanced electronic signature. For this reason, it decided to publish WebSec® on its website, to which it has author’s rights and grants general authorization for its proper use. However, it assumes no responsibility for installation and/or potential damage to other applications, improper use, loss of information, or any other impact on WebSec users or third parties.

WebSec users are therefore solely responsible for using this program.


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